SisterWorks: Music & Creative Workshops for Women

SisterWorks: Music & Creative Workshops for Women 16+

13th Jan 2018 9:15am - 5pm

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SisterWorks is a day for women by women, brought to you by a team of 40+ Bristol women from Bristol's creative arts scene. SisterWorks will bring top industry talent to share their platform and skills in a series of workshops. Offering a full-on day of music, art, and dance. SisterWorks Sessions will offer taster workshops for the uninitiated, to more in-depth classes for those already with basic skills. 

Taking over dBs Music in January 2018 the day has dual aims of championing women in industry and demystifying the process of becoming part of it. SisterWorks is bringing together an all-star team of experts and influencers, who will give you confidence in a new skill and share their invaluable insights into how they entered their chosen arenas.

Workshops and Q+As on the day; 

Eva Lazarus - How to Brand Yourself

Hazard - Grafitti

Queen Bee - Bass Culture DJing

Kiaa - House/Techno DJing

Amii Little - Techno DJing

Hot Feet - Breakdance

Mariam Razaei - Turntablism

Liz Horsman - Music Production Masterclass

Fran Moon - Fashion Illustration

Lydia Higginson Fashion/Machine Sewing

Chino - Playwriting

Reba Kimber/Bump n Grind - Hiphop/RnB DJing

Music Industry Q+A

Creatives Q+A - Identity and pricing yourself 

Skrilla UGQ - Mcing

Miss Twist - Mcing

Freedom of Mind - Creative Confidence/Mental health

Lottie Ball - Voguing

Concrete Jungyals - Self Love

Bliss Zion - Dub DJ Session

Duchess Media - Social Media 

Harriet Robinson - Radio Presenting


Tanya Lacey, Mena Fombo, Lizz E, Beth S, Dutty Girl, Penny Warner (Team Love) and more workshops TBA