GNOD Weekender

GNOD Weekender

19th May 2017 10pm - 3am

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Cacophonous Sarcophagus welcomes you to join us in celebrating 10 years of the Salford collective Gnod, with a monumental three day blow-out across three of Bristol's most unique venues.

Fri 19 - The Island


Giant Swan


Gesamtkunstwerk & SCHWET DJs

Sat 20 - Crypt Of St John the Baptist (On The Wall) Church


Futuro de Hierro 


Raikes Parade



Best Before '84

Sun 21 - Church of St John the Baptist, Bristol 

GNOD vs. Anthony Child (aka Surgeon)


Halftone Quartet

Pipe organ performances by Miguel Prado and Ocean Floor.



Very limited weekend (£20) and Saturday (£10) tickets available only through Headfirst Bristol, on sale Wed 22nd Feb at 7pm.

Friday (£5) and Sunday (£6) tickets available through all good outlets, and on the door.



[Salford, Manchester]

(Rocket Recordings)

"Fiercely independent, never comfortable in one place artistically for any duration of time, always with their co-ordinates set on uncharted territory and the next challenge ahead, and delivering a monument of ire and iconoclasm."

"Gnod have no outer edges: new moons, planets and black holes are formed in the deep space around their central solar system all the time." - The Guardian

"Quite possibly the best band in the Universe" - The Quietus


Friday night will commence in the notorious city-centre venue The Island. The former police station and prison cells is now home to an acclaimed arts-complex, whilst the basement houses Bristol’s best dancefloor: a dark tunnel with no sound limit…

GNOD will headline proceedings, with a now-rare set of intense improv electronics. You might’ve caught one of these sets in the crypt with Shit and Shine, or at the Church of St. Thomas with Roly Porter and Killing Sound. Anyone who bore witness, can attest to the mind-altering effects of these shows. 

Local support comes from Giant Swan and Organchrist, two of Bristol’s fiercest and most energetic live electronic acts. Both originating in the DIY noise underground, they now spend their time subverting the constrictions of techno and dance music. 

Warming things up are SCHWET, resident DJs on Noods Radio and at The Surrey Vaults. Expect the usual unusual. 

Also glad to welcome Gesamtkunstwerk to Bristol for the first time, closing up shop propa. The experimental club-night ran at the Islington Mill in Salford (home of GNOD). These nights revelled in post-industrial sonic brutalism, disorientation and expanding the ideas of what a club can be. Over a couple of years they managed to host shows for the likes of; Kevin Drumm, Basic House, Helm, Damien Dubrovnik, Vatican Shadow, Dead Fader, Machine Woman and Bunker Records’ Guy Tavares. Some of the GNODbods would usually perform live, either collectively or in one of their numerous solo aliases, which leads us on nicely to Saturday…


Day two will take place across the road, in the medieval Crypt of St. John the Baptist. GNOD played an unforgettable set here, almost four years ago. This time they will perform under their respective solo guises. Not sure exactly what you’ll hear, but usual touch-stones include meditational drones, dubbed-out riddims and industrial technot. If that weren’t enough, we’ve also got three sets from good friends of the band and ourselves.

Zamzamrec bosses’ Heloise & Olmo return to Bristol from their rural French idyll to perform as ZOH/astre. From Barcelona’s Màgia Roja, we welcome back Futuro de Hierro (Ordre Etern/Qa'a). Finally, from Cardiff comes STOMACK, AKA Lerango & Kaskie of The Death of Money.


By the time Sunday comes around, we’re expecting to all be a tad tender…So what better way to spend the Sabbath than absorbing an evening of subdued and sombre ambient sets, upstairs in the Church of St. John the Baptist!

The main event will be a debut live collaboration between Anthony Child and GNOD. As Surgeon (and as British Murder Boys with Regis), Child has spent the last 25 years at the forefront of UK techno. For this evenings show however, they will expand on their recent release ‘Under the Lids’ for Telsa Tapes.

GNOD will also perform an improvised set alongside Bristol duo KURO黒, featuring violinist Agathe Max and double-bass from Gareth Turner. 

Earlier in the day you’ll be able to catch two of Bristol’s most exciting composers, Miguel Prado (Nzumbe) and Ocean Floor, both making good use of the pipe organ at the rear of the church. To complete the bill we have the Halftone quartet performing an acoustic set. Collectively the four women “explore the conventions and boundaries of their traditional instruments through unconventional techniques.”



3-day pass: £20 [very limited]

Saturday: £10 - [very limited]

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Tickets on sale Wed 22nd Feb at 7pm.

Friday and Sunday passes available from usual outlets, plus some left for the door.